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Full Day Preschool- Mrs. Boyd

Discovery, exploration, and purposeful play 
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Week of May 30th
This week students will engage in activities about frogs and pond life. They will explore the life cycle of frogs through games, crafts, by acting it out, and watching video clips. Students will use frog icons as a means for practicing numeric concepts such as counting, adding, measuring using standard and non-standard units and practicing ordinal #s first through fifth. Our literacy list will include nonfiction books from the Big Books series to include Frog on a Log, Jump Frog Jump, Those Fabulous Frogs, as well as fiction selections such as Leap Back Home to Me. Students will practice identifying the differences between lower case b and d as these letters can be “tricky”. We will continue to plant sprouts for snack time in our Aquaponic habitat in the classroom. On Thursday June 1st, the students will participate in the PTA sponsored Field Day from 9:30-11:00. Families are welcome to join us to cheer the whole school on.

Week of May 22nd
This week’s lessons will use maps, a globe, and Google Earth to consider the question: “Where are we?” (L.B.I., N.J., U.S.A., North America, planet Earth) Our “big idea” will reinforce concepts about what we use maps for (“Maps tell us where we are and where to go.”) The children will use their imaginations to create their own treasure maps. We will practice concepts for measuring and recording information using standard (rulers, tape measures, etc.) and non-standard units (arm’s length, blocks, chain links). Students will explore these concepts as a group and independently. Students will practice identifying words with the sh consonant blend sound such ship, shop, wish, and wash. We will continue to reinforce concepts such as number recognition, size relevancy, adding, and subtracting. Thank you for your prompt return of class trip permission slips. If you are joining us on the trip, please arrive at EJ by 9:00 for a 9:15 departure. Field Day will be held on Friday 5/26 at 9:30. Parents are welcome to attend. Your child will change into their PTA provided Field Day Tshirt at school on Friday morning. Mrs. Boyd
Week of May 15th
This week students will explore the topic of machines and robots. Students will discuss kinds of machines from very simple tools, to household appliances, to computers and phones and what they do. "Are machines and robots living things?" Students will described what machines are made of and how they move. Our big idea will emphasize that machines are made by man and make our jobs easier. We will use the topic to review and practice recognizing and identifying shapes as well as comparing 2D & 3D shapes in our environment. Students will imagine and draw what kind of machine they might like to invent. They will work cooperatively to assemble our class robot and play with Legos, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, cardboard, and tape to construct their own "machines". Students will practice with the consonant blend ch in words such as chip, chop, much, and such.

Week of May 8th
This week’s themes will include ideas which emphasize caring and giving. In preparation for Mother’s Day, students will discuss how moms help us and what we can do for them. Students will explore concepts associated with our 5 senses. Our Math activities will introduce the numeric operation of separating /subtraction. Students will continue to identify the vowels and practice saying and sounding out words which have the short Uu sound in words such as up, cup, pup, pug, and mug. Our Lending library has been going well. Please remind your child that when they return their borrowed book, they may take home another book. Permission slips for our class trip will be sent home this week.

Week of May 1st
For this week’s theme, students will view and identify many kinds of animals. Using pictures, books, video clips, games, and plastic animals, students will sort and group them according to their types and sizes. To extend practice students will participate in activities which promote classification skills such as habitat or eating habits. We will consider same and different to encourage analytic thinking. Students will share their experiences of trips to the zoo, farm, or aquarium. Our literacy list will include: Tiny Little Fly, I Know a Rhino, Amazing Giant Animals, The Big Red Barn, and The Last King of Angkor Wat. Please explore online with your child using http://www.fun4thebrain.com/preschool.html for matching and counting games for preschool. Our practice skills include painting, cutting, adding, & identifying numbers 0-20. Our practice letter is short Oo in words like on, off, pot, hot, not, pop, hop, and mop. The student have been enjoying coming up with their own rhyming words to share. We hope you will join us on Tues. @ 10:00 for our Spring musical show.

Week of April 24th
On Monday students will participate in the Fender Blender/ Kalapalooza! This week's themes will be about our weather and the pattern of the seasons. Students will express their ideas about the kinds of weather they know about and like best. We will read books, listen to songs and do activities that emphasize weather patterns (sun, wind, rain). Students will use wooden beads, Geo-shapes, and manipulatives of suns, clouds, and raindrops to copy and create patterns of their own. Students will select to make a windsock or kite and weather permitting we will observe the effects of wind. Our practice letter will be short vowel Ii found in words such as it, in, is, pit, sit, pin, and win. We will continue to reinforce identifying #s 1-20 and the concept of joining/adding. Students will continue to care for our Blue Bean seeds and help set up our new classroom Aquaponic tank for Aurora. Our “Big Idea” for the week: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

Week Of April 17th
Happy Earth Week! This week students will share and explore ideas about what our Earth gives us and how we can be kind to the Earth. Students will listen to stories, sing songs, and discuss the Three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to gain awareness about our environment. Students will follow two and three-step directions for each of this week's projects, to include: painting the Earth, planting Blue Bush Bean seeds, and making paper hats. Our literacy list will include: The Earth Book by Todd Parr, Franklin Plants a Tree/Scholastic, This is Our World/Simon & Schuster, Biscuit's Earth Day Celebration by Alyssa Capucilli and various nonfiction books about the Earth. Your children should enjoy listening to Jack Johnson’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, We've Got the Whole World, and Sesame Street Earth Day activities and games. Our literacy practice will focus on words with the short vowel Ee such as pet, vet, jet, elephant, and Earth.
Week of April 3rd
“April showers bring May flowers.” Just in time for April Fools, the students have shown interest in learning and telling jokes! Please indulge them in their practice and help them find the pun! (Knock, knock!) This week students will observe and explore seeds & plant life through books, video clips, and firsthand activities which emphasize their life cycles. Ask your child about germination. This week students will play with positional words. (Roots grow down, under the ground; sprouts grow up, vines wrap around, etc.). Our practice letter will be short vowel Aa found in the middle of words such as pat, cat, rat, pan, can, ran. Yes, we will be noticing how words rhyme! We will continue to reinforce identifying #s 1-20 and the concept of joining/adding. Friday is Crazy hair day as well as our Spring Egg Hunt with the Half Day Preschool class. Please send in your child’s eggs by Thursday so we can count and organize. Thank you!
Week of March 20th
Our class trip to Insectropolis will be on Wed., 4/22. Please pack an easy to manage snack which we can take on the trip and a bag lunch to eat when we return. Weather permitting we will have a picnic in the EJ garden. Chaperones should please arrive at 9:00. This week’s practice letter is Yy. Students will identify words which begin with Yy and notice how many descriptive words end in Yy (cloudy, slippery, and bubbly). As we welcome the first day of spring, the students will discuss the changes we should see (and feel) in the weather, our clothing, plant and animal life, as well as our activities. The students will continue to identify #s in the teens and discuss the life cycle of our class plants.

Week of March 13th
Students will continue to use gold coins and shamrocks to practice identifying numbers in the teens. Our big ideas: “Irish people came from Ireland”, and “Cycles are events that repeat in the same order” (days of the week, seasons, life cycles). Students will collaborate to make our Leprechaun Trap. Students will view video clips and be invited to try Irish Step Dancing and Jigs. Our practice letter is Qq. We will reinforce that the letters Q and U are linked to make the “kw” sound. This week students will continue to observe and feed our class fish, “Aurora”. The name for our fish has been selected from a box containing each child’s choice. This is a surprisingly tough concept for many, especially if their choice was not selected. I feel it is a worthwhile activity and provides a learning moment which can be applied to so many circumstances in their lives (acceptance is a lesson we all need to practice). This is our last week for the enrichment program. Friday is Hat Day, we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day as we check our trap for "evidence" and enjoy some green foods and music!

Week of March 6th
Using symbols for St. Patrick’s Day such as shamrocks, gold coins, & rainbows we will reinforce math concepts such as counting, adding, and writing numerals 1-10. Students will be introduced to the letter Rr with an emphasis on the pronunciation of this letter as well as identifying its various placement in words. Are leprechauns real or not real? Students will vote as we discuss the difference between opinions and facts, real and not real. Students will continue to discuss the needs of living things as well as review the rules for our new class Beta fish. Weather permitting; the students will help spring clean our bird habitats in the EJ garden.
Week of Feb.27th
Here comes March and hopefully warm days! The students will have early dismissal (12:50) on Mon., Tues., & Wed. so we can meet for Parent Teacher Conferences at your scheduled time. Students will continue to explore our box unit to include working collaboratively to create our own Seussville. In honor of Read Across America this week's literacy will feature books by Dr. Seuss. Through these works and activities our practice skills will emphasize rhyming words, working cooperatively, and playing with language. On March 3rd students will participate in a school wide Read Across America celebration with activities to include partnering with 5th & 6th grade students for buddy reading, relay races, and other fun activities. Our practice letter is Xx. Students will identify words which end in this letter such as ox, box, and fox. Our “big idea” this week is oxidize: When the air turns pennies brown. Students will examine what has happened to the pennies we soaked in different solutions such as vinegar. We will continue to reinforce sorting, and classifying as well as counting and showing the value for # 20. Students will differentiate between living and non-living things as they observe what is happening to our Amaryllis and care for the habitat of our new class pet.
Week of Feb. 20th
This week students will begin a study using boxes. I have collected various sizes and shapes to start our exploration. This unit lends itself to many cross-curricular activities. We will demonstrate and discuss functions, characteristics, and dimensions. Students will classify, count, decorate, build, fill, and play with boxes. We will discuss what boxes can do and how they are the same and different. Students will make predictions about what can be inside boxes, take measurements, and identify the different materials boxes can be made from. The students will practice with the number 20. Our practice letter will be Uu in words such as up, under, and understand, as well as a middle sound in cup, bus. Our “Big Idea” for the week: To understand means “to get it!” Last week we discussed the idea of jokes, puns, and expressions. The students are very interested in these fun concepts. The PTA Enrichment program will continue for Tues. and Thurs.

Week of Feb, 13th
This week in honor of President’s Day, students will be exposed to concepts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Who were they? Where can we see them today? Students will have access in our choice library to both fiction and nonfiction books about these amazing men. Students will review concepts associated with Valentine’s Day and Communication as we prepare for our celebration on Tuesday by “mailing” our cards. Kindergarten will celebrate 100 days of school and invite us all to dress as 100 year old people. Our practice letter of the week is Ww found in words such we, wet, what, where, and why. The students are excited as we forge into practice with the teen numbers (19). The students will continue to observe, measure, and predict what is happening with our class Amaryllis. Friday is our school theme day (Mustache Day) where students will be invited to wear a mustache!

Week of Feb.6th
As students prepare for Valentine’s Day, they will use heart icons in activities which promote practice in math concepts such as counting (18), sorting, and size relevancy. The students used sponges to mix red, white, pink, and a dash of purple paint to make their “Valentine’s Guy or Girl”. Our letter of the week is Vv with an introduction to Ww. Students will consider inquiry questions such as what, why, when, where, and who in order to communicate ideas. Our “big word” of the week is Communication. Students will discuss ways in which we get and give information. Activity centers will include Shadow Play, magnets, and postcards for creating mail for our class Mail Box. Enrichment program begins : Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Week of Jan. 30th
This week’s “big idea”: Data means collecting facts or information. Our activities will focus on creating visual images which reflect data. The students will chart results about which animal is the most popular from The Mitten (the whole school is invited to vote), the growth of our Amaryllis plant, and predictions for whether the Groundhog will or will not see his shadow. Students will be exposed to a Venn diagram as they compare and contrast snow and shaving cream. Our practice letter is Ee, identified through words such as egg, elf, and extra. Students will also be exposed to short Ee as a middle sound in words such as pet, met, and vet. The students will match, count and show the value for #17 as well as practice joining numbers under 10. We will be sure to view Punxsutawney Phil’s adventure on Feb. 2nd!
Week of January 23rd
This week students will listen to the marvelous Ukrainian folk tale called The Mitten, retold by Jan Brett. While some students have heard this book, we will extend their learning through our activities. Students will create a pictograph to chart information and use animals & props to act out the folk tale together. Our activities, songs, and books will focus on practice with matching, symmetry, counting, as well as comparing & contrasting mittens & gloves. We will have a mitten match center so students may practice putting on gloves and mittens independently. Our letter of the week is Oo in words such as on, off, out, our, and only, with a review of the letters Kk and Mm. Students will continue to observe, H20, and measure our class Amaryllis. Our practice # will be 16. Students will be exposed to concepts associated with Ground Hog’s Day (Feb. 2nd) such as light and shadow as well as making predictions.
Week Of Jan. 17th
This week students will listen to the humorous and engaging stories by author Laura Joffe Numeroff. Books available to the students will include: If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Take a Mouse to School, and If You Give a Pig a Party. Students will explore websites which feature activities from these books. We will practice with alliterations from these stories as well as good old tongue twisters such as Peter Piper and Sally Sells Seashells. This kind of “play” with language promotes awareness for beginning sounds in words. Students will also practice sequencing skills, identifying, and recounting story events. Our letter of the week will be Kk, used in words such as kiss, king, and kiwi, and kite. Students will practice identifying and showing the value of the #15. Friday is our Super Hero theme day/ birthday celebration. Students will continue to observe, measure, and record the progress of our class Amaryllis.
January 9th
This week through the use of favorite stories such as Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, Z is for Moose, and Goodnight ABCs, students will participate in activities which provide practice in reciting and identifying letters of the alphabet. We will emphasize that there are two alphabets consisting of upper case and lower case letters. Students will discuss why it is important to learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that letters make. (Our Big Idea:”Letters make words/ words make sentences/ sentences make stories and books) Our focus letter is Ss in words such as see, sat, sit, and snow. Students will also be exposed to Ss as an ending sound which means more than one (snowballs, etc.) Students will be introduced to concepts associated with Martin Luther King Day such as peace, friendship, and tolerance. Our math concepts will include counting and showing the value of #14. The students are excited about using these big numbers!

Week of Jan. 2nd
Welcome back! This week students will be introduced to our New Year 2017, the month of January, and the season of winter. Students will discuss the changes they observe in winter such as weather, clothing, and the things we do for recreation. We will examine the concepts associated with the New Year and our calendar. Students will be introduced to the temporal relationship of the seasons and months as a cycle. Our Big Idea: "A cycle is when something that starts over again and again in the same order." We will practice with the short and long sound of the letter Ii in words such as is, it, igloo, I, ice, icicle, and ice cream. Students will explore size relativity as they identify big, bigger, and biggest. Students will predict what they think is inside our Mystery Box, and guess: “Is it living or nonliving?” We will discuss what living things need. We will be introducing “the teens” starting with 13, and discussing the patterns that the #s make as we identify them and their values.
Week of Dec. 19th
This week students will continue to share ideas about the winter holidays. We will emphasize such questions as, “What kinds of things could kids give for gifts?” “Is a good deed or a favor a good gift?” “Why should we try hard to do our best?” The students will listen to several versions of the folk tale based on The Gingerbread Man. Students will continue to explore pattern making, review the letter Mm in words such as me, my, mom, and merry. We will review #’s 1-12, and work on our “secret” family gifts. Students will participate in holiday activities to include following Santa Tracker, singing songs in the EJ Holiday Program on Dec. 20th @ 10:00, and our winter celebration on Dec. 22nd @ 1:30.
Reminders: Please dress your child in a white shirt and jeans for the show.

Week of Dec. 12th
Greetings! This is our word of the week as the students will practice saying hello in several languages. Using icons of the winter holidays such as candy canes, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, Poinsettias, and ornaments, students will practice recognizing, extending, and creating simple repeating patterns. The students will continue to listen to and participate in stories, songs, and activities which explore the traditions of the winter holidays. This week students will practice recognizing and using the #13 and the letter Gg in words such as go, get, give, and greetings. The Alphabet Show and Tells have been highly effective for students, thank you for your support. Any reinforcement of these concepts at home will likely benefit your child. Practice skills for this week will include, painting, cutting, gluing, and identifying “favors”. The students will continue to practice for our holiday musical.
Week of Dec. 5th
This week's theme will focus on recognizing and identifying feelings and emotions. Students will listen to stories & songs, and participate in activities which emphasize ways we can feel. The social/emotional development of these early learners depends on their ability to identify their own feelings and those of their peers. We will practice recognizing facial expressions/body language and discuss what they convey. The students will continue to participate in our classroom voting so they may understand the process as well as demonstrate our math concept of more, less, and equal. Students will practice with the letters Dd and the # 12. Our literacy list will include:Faces by Rotner & Kreisler, Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse by Jeanne Modessit, Calm Down Time, Take a Deep Breath, How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad? by Jane Yolen, and selections by our favorite author Mo Willems.
Week of Nov. 28th
Welcome back students and families! I hope you had a wonderful break. This week students will explore the theme of Transportation: “How we go from place to place”. Students will use vehicles such as cars, trucks, planes, and boats to share prior knowledge about transportation. Through games, books, and activities they will practice the use of basic positional words and demonstrate where the modes of transportation can travel. (Ex.: cars travel on the road, planes travel up in the sky, etc.). Students will be practicing ways to copy, extend, and create simple repeating patterns. This is a pre-algebraic skill which can benefit your child’s cognitive thinking. Our letter practice will be a review which focuses on identifying words that start with Pp, Jj, Tt, and Cc. We will discuss ending sounds in words using t (cat, cot, cut, pat, pot, put) Students will explore the # 11 through counting, sorting, and joining. Practice skills will include cutting, painting, recognizing patterns, expressing opinions, and as always, sharing.

Week of Nov. 21st
Students will continue to explore the topic of thankfulness as we prepare for Thanksgiving. The children will share the names of family members and identify their favorite foods. Students will be exposed to the concepts of food groups outlined by My Plate http://www.choosemyplate.gov as they try the interactive games on the Smart Board. Students will use visual aids and fake foods from our kitchen to identify healthy choices as well as “sometimes” foods. Our letter of the week is Cc, found in words such as cat, cap, cut, cot, and car. We will reinforce the # 10 and its value by counting from 1-10 forward and backwards. Practice skills will include cutting, gluing, appropriate use of materials and expressing ideas. Reminder: Dismissal for Wednesday is 1:00.

Pre K 4 Daily Schedules/Boyd 2016-17
8:25- 8:45 Unpack/Fine Motor Skills                                
8:45-9:15  Specials (Art, Phys. Ed., Music)
9:15-9:30  Circle Time/Morning Mtg.
9:45-10:00 Circle Time/Literacy Themes & Concepts
10:00- 10:15 Snack
10:15- 11:15 Constructive Play Centers/Small Groups: Project
11:15-11:30 Literacy/Smart Board: reinforce concepts
11:30-11:45 Clean up/ Bathroom
11:45- 12:45 Lunch/ Recess
12:45- 1:20 Rest/Bathroom/One on One
1:20-2:00 Math Explorations/Smart Board
2:00- 2:20 Small Groups: Project/ Constructive Play Centers

M, W, F 2:00-2:30 Specials (PE, TIPP)
2:30-2:50 Outdoor, Centers/Motor Skills
3:00 Dismissal

Monday: Music, PE
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: PE, TIPP
Thursday: PE
Friday: Art, PE

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